TaikoPeace Ensemble

The TaikoPeace Ensemble led by PJ Hirabayashi pioneers an unprecedented, improvisational blend of taiko drumming, world percussion, Japanese Butoh dance, and spoken word. This truly powerful blend of elements is intended to create a heart-centered, experiential, organic, mood-altering, inspiring, and transformative experience -- all with the intention to inspire a culture of peace.

Because TaikoPeace was inspired by Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, TaikoPeace Ensemble performances are often closed with the live reciting of this document.

If your organization is interested in a TaikoPeace Ensemble performance or you'd like to be notified of upcoming TaikoPeace Ensemble performances, please sign up for the TaikoPeace email list. The ensemble performs at events sponsored by organizations that share and support the TaikoPeace mission.

Debut of TaikoPeace Ensemble is planned when the stars align in 2012.