What is TaikoPeace?
TaikoPeace, created by PJ Hirabayashi, is a movement, mindset, and mantra dedicated to unleash creativity, spark new connections of co-creativity, and heal the human spirit through the dynamic energy of taiko drumming. It is inspired by Karen Armstrong’s Charter for Compassion, a document supported by leading thinkers from many traditions that activates the Golden Rule around the world. Seeking to amplify positive social change through personal transformation, TaikoPeace targets heart-centered and gratitude-conscious individuals, taiko players and non-taiko players alike, and especially musicians, dancers, writers, and artists of all genres and walks of life.

The TaikoPeace experience integrates taiko drumming with artistic modalities such as Japanese butoh dancing, chanting, and spoken word in order to activate and awaken self-expression in disruptive, yet positive ways. It is PJ's dream to catalyze our energies and connections with each other, for each of us to recognize and ignite our life's passion, and to retune our minds and actions toward being of service for the greater good, no matter how big or small, personally or collectively.

Mission Statement
TaikoPeace is a creative initiative to promote a culture of peace (inner and outer) and to expand our awareness to shift our world to one of cooperation instead of competition, compassion instead of insensitivity, and sustainability instead of exploitation.

Symbol of TaikoPeace – The Spiral
The Spiral conveys Balance, Progress, Direction, Initiation, Centering, Expanding, Awareness, Connection, Journeying. It is the movement between the Inner (intuitive, intangible) world and the Outer (matter, manifested) world.

Take Action and Co-create a Culture of Peace
There are many ways you can take action now in creating a culture of peace. One way is to adopt and sign the Charter for Compassion as your own and to make a lifelong commitment to live with compassion and gratitude. Other ways of taking action:

- Take part in the global celebration Summer of Peace 2012, June 22 – September 12, 2012

1,000 Compassion Affirmations in 2012
Because of my adoration and connection with the worldwide taiko community, I aim to get as many taiko players and taiko groups to embrace and affirm the Charter for Compassion document. My goal is to inspire 1,000 new individuals and taiko groups around the world to sign the charter in 2012 and double that number in 2013.

Pathways to Gratefulness Conference, June 23, 2012
PJ participated as a guest speaker in the Pathways to Gratefulness Conference, hosted by Gratefulness.org. She recited the Charter for Compassion and was accompanied by Roy Hirabayashi on fue (Japanese flute). Her spoken word was preceded by an inspiring performance by San Jose Taiko. To view a free, recorded live stream of this event (available until July 31, 2012), please visit A Celebration of Gratitude and select “Session 6 – Afternoon Session – C”.

TaikoPeace Intensive Workshop,  March 6-7, 2012
At the San Jose Taiko studio in San Jose, California on March 6,7 2012, the first of many TaikoPeace Intensive workshops was held with 13 inspired taiko players representing groups from around the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The workshop, co-instructed by PJ Hirabayashi and choreographer/dancer, Judith Kajiwara, layered many artistic modalities including taiko drumming, PJ’s composition Ei Ja Nai Ka, Japanese butoh dance, haiku writing, chanting, community building, and journaling. The primary goals of the workshop were to empower participants to claim their role as a “Taiko Artist”, build confidence in creative expression, and awaken each individual’s infinite power from within and from the Universe.